Stormy Pete Sport Kite

"Stormy Pete" flies like it looks - quick and exciting. High speeds, tight spins, and extreme maneuvers are part of the repertoire. Built with flexible fiberglass rods, sturdy craftsmanship, and a simple structure, "Stormy Pete" is ready to take on beginner pilots and ferocious winds. Its precise control is amazing for a kite of its size and will help build confidence for neophytes at the controls.    

Width: 140 Cm / 55"   

Height: 62 Cm / 24"   

Material: Ripstop-Polyester   

Frame: 6mm Fiberglass   

Line: (included) Polyester 40kp/90lb; 2x- 20m/65ft   

Wind Range: 3-6 Bft (12-49km/hr ; 8-31 Mph)   

Age: 14+


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