Silicone Sensory Stacking Kitty

Silicone Sensory Stacking Kitty

The silicone-based toy is perfect and versatile for babies and toddlers. It stimulates sensory needs with its mauve colors and soft, rounded edges. The silicone stacking tower is very easy to remove or wash with mild soapy water. In addition, it can be cooled in the refrigerator for little ones to soothe their teething.

The lightweight silicone kitty building game helps sharpen fine motor skills and provides a creative outlet for children to have fun playing. Let your baby or toddler explore tactile sensations with our Silicone Sensory Stacking Kitty, the must-have, perfect toy for busy little hands. Shop now in Huntsville, Texas, to take advantage of an amazing selection of baby and toddler toys and get your Silicone Sensory Stacking Kitty today!


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