Tri Mags Puzzle Cubes

Tri Mags Puzzle Cubes

Some have compared this to magnetic Origami! Stimulate a child’s imagination and while they create, they’ll learn about positive and negative magnetic attraction! Let’s not forget the critical thinking skills developed along the way.

Each Tri Mags cube is made up of 24 large, easy-to-handle, colorful magnetic pyramids. They fit together only when the magnets are properly aligned. 20 challenges are included with suggested designs to get you started but the real fun begins when you start creating your own!  

Magnetic Toys: Tri-Mags stimulate both your imagination & creativity with 48 large, colorful pyramids that are connected by magnets that can be twisted & turned to create new shapes.  

STEM Toy: With Tri-Mags, develop important skills like color and pattern recognition, visual discrimination, critical thinking skills, and fine motor development. 

For children age 4 and up.


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