Montessori Tool Box

Montessori Tool Box

The Panda Brothers Montessori screwdriver board is a unique basic skill, educational board that allows children to learn their way into the independent solving of real-world challenges. It helps children (3+ years old) learn the practical life skill of using a screwdriver, working with various tools, and holding the keys correctly, while training hand-eye coordination and developing their fine motor skills.  

Through this multiple activity set, your child can safely practice the action of removing and re-inserting the 7 different screws while improving their recognition ability and sensory activity. The board also features two insets, one for holding the screwdriver, and another for holding the bolts once they've been removed.   

Product details:  

Dimensions: 8 x 3.7 x 1.7 inches 

Item weight: 1.4 pounds 

Set includes: screwdriver, hex key, wrench and 7 different insert bolts


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